“The Hint”

In need of some extra magic for the spell we will be under while together? Love to eat and struggling to figure out where to quench our appetite? No need to be discouraged, below are a few suggestions for planning! Oh and “the skies the limit” on location. {Please note I maintain a plant-based diet}

Michelin Star Restaurants

Tastes of the Evening

High Tea Rooms

Brunch or Afternoon Delights

Lounges With A View


  • We’ll retain a Sommelier certification and apply our knowledge over wine tastings (I dream of Napa).
  • Let’s play in the snow. Teach me or let’s get taught how to snowboard and/or ski.
  • We can get Diving Certified and plan a Secret Get Away to a place below the naked eye.

Perfectly For Two

  • Did you want to be a scientist when you were younger? Do you also enjoy wine? Then the answer is The Blending Lab (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Confession: I love attending sports games! They are always a fun time but you may have to play coach.
  • A couples massage at a Spa; In-Room Spa Treatment.
  • Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my! Lets explore some Safaris and/or Animal Sanctuaries together.
  • Let’s work our legs out on a paddle boat, especially in San Francisco or Seattle.
  • Interested in being mutually hypnotized by an act (show, concert, play, and/or burlesque)?
  • A language I speak is Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue, and I’m hopeful you get where I’m going with this (feel free to check out my Treat page).
  • A dream has been to learn how to Drive Stick. Let’s race on a race track or go speeding in a luxurious vehicle.

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